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Contrive Media is a Birmingham-based agency providing Web Development, Web Consulting and Design to the world's greatest clients.

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This is our spot for thoughts on web design, graphic design, technology, art, science, business or whatever we feel like sharing. It is our spot, after all.

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Chrome Is Ruining Your Windows Laptop Battery

16th July 2014 by Contrive Media

Windows batteries, be warned.

Ian Morris writes on Forbes that Windows users who prefer Google’s Chrome web browser are inadvertently ruining their computer batteries. The problem lies in what’s called a “system clock tick rate.”

By default, a Windows PC tick rate is Read more…

Self-Driving Cars Will Transform Cities, But Could They Make Things Worse?

30th May 2014 by Contrive Media

For those dreaming of a world filled with self-driving cars, the future looks great — but it may not be great enough.

Google’s newly announced self-driving cars have the potential to completely Read more…

The Tech You Need To Throw a Memorial Day BBQ

23rd May 2014 by Contrive Media

The way we throw a start-of-summer party isn’t the same as it was 30 years ago, thanks to technology.

How did our predecessors spread the word about an upcoming event without Snapchat, and how did anyone grill a perfect steak without infrared? As much as apps such as
Read more…