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By Contrive Media

The Tech You Need To Throw a Memorial Day BBQ

On 23, May 2014 | In News | By Contrive Media

The way we throw a start-of-summer party isn’t the same as it was 30 years ago, thanks to technology.

How did our predecessors spread the word about an upcoming event without Snapchat, and how did anyone grill a perfect steak without infrared? As much as apps such as
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In News

By Contrive Media

Plotting the next Silicon Valley

On 26, Mar 2013 | In News | By Contrive Media

Crave globe-trotter Eric Mack kicks off an exclusive four-part series on the unlikely Latin American spot hoping to transform itself into a new hub for science, technology, and innovation.

QUITO, Ecuador–Imagine it’s 2023. Things have shifted in the world of technology, and I’m not just talking about the elimination of the standard-transmission vehicle in favor of autonomous transport. Companies in Asia, the United States, and Europe still produce many of the world’s major innovations in everything from energy efficiency and biotechnology to IT and consumer electronics, and many of those products are still made in China.

But there’s also a new player on the scene that wasn’t registering on anyone’s radar in the tech world just a decade ago.
In this particular vision of the future, a small but rapidly growing number of innovations are born, nurtured, produced, and sent to market from a tiny but vivacious country sandwiched between the Pacific and the Amazon — Ecuador.

Scientists and researchers flock to this new Latin American take on Silicon Valley to develop new medicines near the remarkably biodiverse Amazon rain forest. Other nearby abundant natural resources aid in the development of cutting-edge solar cells and new petrochemical technologies. And software and hardware designers take advantage of…

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